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Barmy Army

Our experienced tourists have put together a list of twelve items not to forget on your Barmy Travel tour, wherever your destination. Take a look below at some of the important things to remember to make sure you have the Barmy tour of a lifetime!

1. Barmy Army Tour Pack – including your Barmy Travel shirt

2. Sun cream – you'll be spending hours out in the sun watching cricket so sun cream will be crucial during this

3. Power adaptor & socket extension – many people panic about forgetting their multiple chargers for different items and maximise use from just one adaptor with 2-4 plugs available from it

4. Singing voice – possibly the lyrics sheet if you haven’t memorised them already

5. Working overseas SIM card – prevent the huge roaming bills you may run up whilst overseas. Think of a phone with dual SIM capabilities to prevent losing your tiny SIM card

6. Sandals and socks – where would the British holiday makers be without their trusty sandal and sock combo!

7. Glasses and/or contact lenses (incl. solution) – it would be a disaster to have to spend your money and to have travelled all that way only to find out you can’t see the ball!

8. A good book (or 12) – as you know, most of the away tours involve quite a few hours travelling, unless you are an avid travel sleeper, some good reading material won’t go amiss

9. Fun! – key thing required on a Barmy Travel tour, you will meet a whole range of friendly people and share a lot of hours and laughs with them throughout all of our tours!

10. Games/cards and puzzles – items that will help pass the time if you’re not into reading those books

11. Toiletries and insect repellent – a lot of the cricket destinations will have biting insects and repellent could be a life saver in the evenings

12. A good brew! – not just your tea bags but remember all those items that are specific to the UK (kettle, mustard, marmite, etc).