England win ODI series

The Barmy Army has enjoyed some sweet revenge as Australia's ODI side has been steamrollered by England.

The Aussies might have thought they had seen off the Barmy Army in the Ashes, but thousands of the boys and girls were present to enjoy the ODI series as the home team got a taste of their own medicine.

A 4-1 win in any five-match ODI series is a triumph, but to do it down under is extra special. Three years ago, the Aussies were world champions. Now they look miles behind this England team. 

Liam Plunkett

The simple truth is that had Australia not won the toss in Adelaide in prime bowl-first conditions, they would have have been looking at a 5-0 whitewash. Even after having England eight for five, they only ended up scraping home by three wickets.

It was great to see some pace in the England bowling, with Mark Wood back and Liam Plunkett in action too, albeit until his hamstring went. It was also fantastic to see Tom Curran showing what he can do when the ball swings. His effort in Perth was superb, without a single no-ball in sight.

How special it was to finish the series in style at the new stadium there. Looking like a giant trifle dish from the outside, it appears impressive from within. But it looked and sounded a lot better with the Barmy Army singing and the boys on the field responding as we gave the occasion the result none of the Aussies wanted. Goodbye WACA with your bad memories; we'll look forward to more wins here in the future. 

Jos Butler

While the Barmy Army were present in big numbers, it's no surprise the matches weren't sold out. Being about as loyal as Boris Johnson, the average Aussie fan loves to be in your face yelling "four nil". But as soon as they start losing, you won't see them for dust. No surprise, then, that there were thousands of empty seats in most of the venues as their stuttering side was outclassed by the best ODI team in the world.

Of all their failings, it was especially great to see Piggy Smith's form evaporate. While he moaned about being given out to an obviously clean catch by Jos Buttler in Brisbane, the fact was he couldn't pick Rashid and looked all at sea; maybe we've found his nemesis after all? That remains to be seen, but it was clear that while Australia's batting struggled, England steamrollered whoever turned up with ball in hand, the first few overs at Adelaide excepted. 

England's recent successes in the 50-over game may mean more fans stuck around for the series, as well as the fact that some will have just arrived down under with the New Zealand tour set to provide a great second leg to the winter. There were loads of expats out there as well, ensuring that there was plenty of support and that at least some of the seats vacated by the Aussies were filled.

With the World Cup 18 months away, it's looking good for the England ODI team. After this thrashing, even the Aussies will have to admit that.